Terms and conditions

The website of École Bonjour France, www.ecole-bonjour-france.com, offers high quality information about French language and culture for non-native speakers and provides an online platform with reservation and payment service for unique French contents.

1-Contracting parties

The contract is made directly between the student (Buyer) and École Bonjour France (Seller). Buyers can book on site courses in Montpellier (France) and online classes anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available.


The general Terms and Conditions of Sale herein contained govern the sale of any of École Bonjour France Products.

The term “Products” designates any product which is manufactured by and/or any service to be performed by the Seller for any Buyer, a person or entity which places an order to buy the Products.

Any order implies the full and complete acceptance of these terms all other Seller or Buyer’s document. Unless accepted in writing by an executive officer of Seller, any terms or conditions in Buyer’s offer to buy as transmitted to Seller in the form of a purchase order or otherwise, which are different from or which purport to add to, modify, supersede or otherwise alter the terms and conditions contained in these terms, shall not be binding on Seller and will have no effect. No matter if drawings or instructions are given with the Products, no warranty is given. In case they are furnished, this is for indicative purpose only.


Prices are in the local currency of France, in which the Seller is located. Price conversions to other currencies on the website, documents or communications are for information only.

Our prices are non-negociable and products are to be paid before the beginning of courses unless credit terms are explicitly authorized by Seller in writing. There is no extra registration fee for using the service: you will only pay the official courses prices.

4-Enrolment and Purchase Order

The enrolment is realised by ordering products listed on the Seller’s website. Purchase orders are valid only when payment has been successfully proceeded and expressly accepted by the Seller. The Buyer will then receive an invoice and a written confirmation of the course enrolment with all necessary details.

Payments for online products shall be arranged using the PayPal services or Bank Transfer services.

5-Change of Reservation

If the Buyer would like to make modifications to a confirmed booking on site course, a change fee of 50 eur will be charged.

Reduction of course durations and downgrade of services are considered as cancellations and the cancellation terms apply.


Cancellation of Contract by the Buyer

If the Buyer decide to terminate an on line course and not attend the rest of the pre-paid lessons within three months from the date of purchase, no refund will be made.

On site courses can be canceled if the cancellation is communicated in writing by the person that booked the course. A cancellation will cause cancellation charges as specified below:

  • 40+ days before course start: 95% refund
  • 15-39 days before course start: 40% refund
  • 1-14 days before course start: 10% refund

After the start of course, the Seller will pay no refunds except for causes beyond Buyer’s reasonable control (force majeur) or serious medical reasons (medical certificate required). To avoid or minimize cancellation fees, the Buyer may present another person to participate in the course in his place or may request ahead of time to postpone the course to another date.

Cancellation of Contract by the Seller

In case of printing, writing or calculation errors, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the contract.

Cancellation due to Visa Refusal

If a Buyer is forced to cancel an on site course due to visa denial after a timely visa application, all payments and deposits made to the Seller will be returned. The Seller may charge a maximum of 100 eur for banking and administration fees. The Buyer will need to present a document demonstrating the visa rejection at least 3 weeks before the start of the course.


The booking and payment data which is provided by Buyers will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

8-Minimum Group Size

In case the minimum group size for a course is not reached, the school reserves the right to give a reduced number of individual/minigroup classes instead of the booked group class.

9-General School Regulations

  • Agreements on changes and additions to the described services and booking have to be given in writing (e.g. email).
  • If nothing different is noted, it implies that course materials are not included in the price and have to be paid upon arrival or as required.
  • Unless specifically noted, classes do not take place on local and national holidays or on Sundays. Missed classes are neither made up nor refunded.
  • If the course has to be modified or even cancelled because of uncontrollable events, failure of public transport, official arrangements, changes in the timetable, strikes, unrests or other mandatory reasons, this does not justify claims for restitution.


Every student, either his/her parents or his/her legal tutors in the case of minor student, have to take out an insurance policy disease/accident + journeys-repatriation and responsibility, valid in France.


A certificate of participation will be given to every student when a training course and practice exam are completed.