30h / 20 courses Beginners (350€)


  • Course Duration: 30h
  • Course Capacity: 1-5


  • Instructors Samyra Benbachir

Dedicated to complete beginners (have you checked our Free Quizzes for Beginners?), this program includes:

  • verb as a key role in French and present tense
  • agreements in french sentence: feminine/masculine (including inclusive writing), singular/plural, subject and adjective
  • pronunciation and writing of sounds: e/é, am/an/en/em, ain/ein/in, ail/aille, eil/eille/aye/eye, oeil/euil/euille, ier/iez
  • how to express feelings, preferences and opinions
  • how to ask, invite and suggest
  • vocabulary lists: 63 useful verbs for daily life, 61 common french dishes, etc.
  • cross-cultural: social gathering (la fête des voisins, l’apéro => related to the Gastronomic meal of the French), expressing opinions
  • real missions in local places: cafés, shops, etc.
  • included: presentation and help to prepare for DELF A2

At the end, you should be able to deal with daily situations and start feeling confident to improvise when necessary.

Spoiler: there is no magic, you need personal time and commitment to learn! And also the sincere will to take part in the society you live in so dealing with French people around you and their concerns because they will become yours

30h / 20 courses / 350€


  • Course materials: included (lessons with exercises, quizzes and roadmaps to practice french in real situations) but you will need a smartphone or laptop to access to the contents and also a notebook and a pen to take notes
  • One-to-one lesson or group class / 1h30 once or twice a week
  • In French or in English

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You have a question or you want to book it? Feel free to contact Samyra: mobile phone (also on WhatsApp) +33 6 22 14 80 99 / email