2019 starting date of 1st group class

2019 starting date for A1 group class

Beginners, you are in Dijon, you have made it! But time flies and you feel like you are not progressing at all in french… The first A1 20 courses group session of 2019 will start on Monday 21, January!

Ready to work?

    • Minimum: 6 participants
    • Monday & Thursday
    • 6pm-7.30pm
    • Downtown Dijon
  • 300€ before tax ; -10€ if you sign up a friend

Enrollment before January 7:
tel. +33 6 22 14 80 99 (also on WhatsApp) or email

French Corner

Grab a coffee and let’s talk

The best way to practice spoken French is to s-p-e-a-k it so let’s meet for our 1st French Corner!

Some mistakes you might make:
a character = un personnage / un caractère = a personality
to be workoholic = être accroc au travail
to like someone as a friend = aimer bien quelqu’un / to love = aimer (être amoureux)

Useful expression: “On se connaît sans plus” meaning we know each other and talk but I don’t feel like we’re friends