Start French Now… for free! 😨

Feel free to take part to this #GiveAway to celebrate our opening in Montpellier 🥳

It is not easy to get familiar with French grammar not to mention the vocabulary especially when you have to respect when it is masculine and when it is feminine!

Our school offers French courses to anyone interested to discover French language and culture. If you live in Montpellier, we can schedule one-to-one sessions or group sessions. If you don’t live in Montpellier, it is possible to take online sessions.

Anyway, feel free to contact us or even to book a free French talk with Samyra if you have any question before joining!

Indeed École Bonjour France is a small and friendly French school with easy access to Samyra, the founder and instructor.

No complicated steps nor hidden fees to join!

We are perfectly aware of your struggles with the French administration not to mention the fact that the average French doesn’t speak a second language fluently so be sure that you are certainly a role model for a lot of people here as far as the languages are concerned…