Workliday in Montpellier?

Workliday in Montpellier?

Only a small school like École Bonjour France can be flexible to fit your requirements wether you want to work on reading, listening or speaking… And of course according to y-o-u-r availability!

A few weeks ago, Agata contacted me from Germany because she was planning a trip here and was looking for a French school in Montpellier.

👏 Bravo: this is what you call in French “mêler l’utile à l’agréable” or “faire d’une pierre deux coups” (kill two birds with one stone)

When we talked on the phone, I immediately realized that her French was veeeeery good 👏! Also, she said that one of her hobbies was lindy hop and “ce n’est pas tombé dans l’oreille d’une sourde” 😁 (it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears).

Indeed, learning is easier when you are motivated so since I am able to prepare every type of content, I created a tailor-made program for Agata:

debates: expressing pros and cons are a must-do when you have reached a high level in French
talking about French events, general knowledge and social issues with a focus on dance topic, her passion

Et voilà ! We did that program last week and I would like to share here an interesting question Agata had:


Ok so first let’s find out real examples…

L’Open Sud de France se déroule à Montpellier du 30 janvier au 4 février
Le Parisien, 30/01/2024

La huitième bourse aux vélos se déroule à Montpellier les 4 et 5
Midi Libre, 16/04/2024

Le plus grand skatepark d’Europe se trouve à Montpellier
Le Bonbon, 31/01/2024

Cycles SH a déménagé : où se trouve à présent le spécialiste du vélo électrique ?, 30/04/2024


📣 Conclusion

🌴 Feel free to contact me if you plan a sunny trip in Montpellier 😎🌴

📨 French course quote

Enjoy your holiday and remember that you can turn it into a list of real challenges to progress in French!