Checklist for Self-Evalu’action

15 things you can do in French?

If so, you are definitely not a beginner

I know how:

    • (and when!) to pronounce sounds “e” and “é”
    • to describe something / someone to someone
    • to ask about something / someone
    • to talk about myself and my feelings
    • to give my opinion about something / someone
    • to compare things or ideas
    • to repeat what someone told me
    • to talk about a present, past and future event
    • to talk about my plans for the week-end, holidays, the future
    • to look for the way in French
    • to help French people looking for their way
    • to look for a French place’s reviews and report them
    • to call a French place and ask about the opening hours or make a booking
    • to talk in French about a call I had
    • to plan a cinema (or restaurant, etc.) with French friends and be in charge of everything (research, booking, etc.)


If you are not sure about some of them,

don’t worry and hang there, you can do it!