Special Researchers

Our school can manage courses for anyone interested, whatever their level might be.

It is also well-experienced in dealing with non-native Researchers. Indeed, INRAE Bourgogne Franche-Comté‘s training department has entrusted us with teaching French to its staff since several years now and even recommanded us to Institut Agro Dijon.

Even if their work is to be done in English, researchers still have to use French to interact with their colleagues but also to be able to settle down in France at least for several years.

One of the biggest achievements of our school is to have successfully managed a group of researchers to make them write and record a real podcast in French: Notre regard sur les légumineuses dans 4 pays.

Also, we have designed something unique for researchers who are advanced in French but are motivated to become stronger thanks to rhetoric: a 30h French Course tested and approved by Research Director Adam Vanbergen.

If you think that our school can benefit you or a researcher you know

in Dijon or Montpellier, feel free to contact us

In Dijon, École Bonjour France is recommanded by: